Cooperatively owned senior housing provides full apartment and townhouse living, controlled by the seniors themselves. All financial benefits accrue to the senior owners, including return of equity upon resale. Tax deductibility of mortgage interest and real estate taxes, identical to single-family homeownership, applies to cooperative ownership.

Each cooperative listed at this website is independently owned by its member-residents. Floor plans and prices vary significantly, depending on location, building style, and amenities. Senior cooperatives typically include substantial community spaces and, in some cases, light housekeeping and meal service. Please contact the cooperatives directly for specific information regarding facilities and services.


The Senior Cooperative Foundation supports development of and best practices for senior housing cooperatives with a variety of services, education, and operating programs. These programs are available to resident-members and to new sponsor-developers who are committed to full resident ownership and control. Our commitment to cooperatives stems from a strong belief in and witness, for over 30 years, to the redemptive power of these communities. It is our experience that cooperatives are unique in creating affordable, enlivened, independent and interdependent environments that preserve financial resources and enhance the aging process.