The Senior Cooperative Foundation sponsors and administers two awards to honor and recognize
significant contributions to senior housing cooperatives. The awards are presented annually at the
Senior Cooperative Housing Conference in May.

Selection procedure
1. Nomination forms for the Leadership Award will be widely distributed at least 60 days prior to
the deadline date. Nominations may be made by individuals or organizations.
2. Nomination forms for the Cooperative Spirit Award will be mailed to the Board President of
each senior housing cooperative at least 60 days prior to the nomination deadline. Nominations
may be made only by the cooperative’s board of directors.
3. Consideration will be given only to nominations received prior to the deadline and with all
required information and supporting documents.
4. Nominations for each award are held in the selection pool for three consecutive years.

Selection Committee

nominations will be reviewed and final selections made by the Senior Cooperative Foundation Board of Directors or a selection committee appointed by the board.

The Senior Cooperative Leadership Award

The Senior Cooperative Housing Leadership Award honors distinguished individuals - members,employees, developers, educators, and others - (living or deceased) whose contributions to senior
cooperative housing deserve special recognition. The award will be presented annually to the selected
nominee(s) in two categories – member or professional. Up to two awards may be presented each

Nominees are selected for their contributions to senior cooperative housing based on demonstrated
statesmanship, innovation, personal commitment, leadership and vision. Specifically:
1. Clearly demonstrates commitment to principles of senior cooperative housing
2. Encourages members, employees, directors, and others to be positive about senior cooperative
3. Achieved identifiable and lasting changes to improve and promote cooperatives
4. Effectively communicates the value of cooperative membership and involvement
5. Recognizes the importance of marketing the unique advantage of senior housing cooperatives
6. Willingness to serve in cooperative leadership roles
7. Promoter of innovative programs and policies that increase membership benefits
8. Civic and community involvement

The Cooperative Spirit Award

The Cooperative Spirit Award honors individuals who make unique, significant or innovative
contributions to their cooperative. Nominees may be members or staff of the cooperative. A
cooperative’s board of directors may submit nominations for the Spirit Award and one award may be
presented each year.
Nominees are selected for their specific contribution(s) to their cooperative which enhances the
cooperative lifestyle and/or provides significant benefits to the cooperative members:
1. Unique value to the cooperative as a member
2. Innovative programs or policies that increase membership benefits
3. Participation, contribution to cooperative committee(s)
4. Participation, contribution to a specific project(s) within the cooperative or for the community
5. Projects or activities initiated on their own within the cooperative
6. Community or other awards that recognize the nominee
7. Community or other volunteer activity

Previous Awards

SCF Leadership Awards


A. Luther Moberg


Joe Gabler

Dick Hanson

George Martin


Michael Conlan

Barbara Murphy

Harold Ryan



Janet Boland

Jack Lampman

Jeff Lantto


Barbara Bowling

Tom Johnson

Cliff Koele


Vicky Chaput

Maureen McDonald

Reynold Rahko


Nora Schroeder

Lisa Tamminen




Neal Black

Bill Buending



Brian Carey

Ed Delk

Diane Gilbertson


Phyllis Kromer

Duane Nickerson

Barabra Perrin


Jim Beutelspacher

Robert Jarvis

Joyce Johnson

Perry Strassman




Russ Helgesen

Jill Weber



Christina Hoglund


 Dick Bennett



SCF Cooperative Spirit Award


Jim Knight



Cathy Bays

Jack Gibbons






Robert Carstenbrock

Linda Hjelmstad



SCF Founders Award

The Founders Award was created in 2007 to recognize and honor pioneering leadership, contributions and actions to build the foundations for the strengths and enduring success of senior housing cooperatives. Nominations for this award are not solicited and selection of recipients is totally at the discretion of the Foundation.


Charles Bassford



Joe Nemo

Multifamily HUD Office, Minneapolis